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Jan 2014


First, we'd like to wish you all the best for the New Year 2014.
Also, we're glad to announce that DISHARMONY is from now on included in the roster of NoiseHead Records. "SHADES OF INSANITY" worldwide release is going to be announced within the next days by the label. Thank you for your interest and support!


May 2013

New guitarist announcement: Stefanos, welcome aboard!

DISHARMONY are truly happy to announce that Stefanos Georgitsopoulos (guitar-keyboards) will be the 5th member of the band! Stefanos possesses the musical and technical quality (has played for Everfailed, Heart Attack, Modus Vivendi etc), experience (supported bands such as Anathema, Ross The Boss, Rotting Christ, Outloud etc), common influences, thirst for work and vision required to help DISHARMONY achieve their next goals.

In this point, we feel that we have to give our sincere thanks to our former guitarist, Stavros Gatsopoulos, for these 3 years, as his help was more than vital for the "resurrection" of the band. Stavros, we wish you all the best, we reassure you that we've found a "worthy successor" of yours, and we consider you to be part of our family - as always!

And now a reminder: You will have a first chance to see our new line-up on stage, on June 9th 2013, at Kookoo (Athens/Gkazi), and we feel proud to share a stage with DRYED, ONCE THEM EDENS and CONSPIRANOIA! Well, Stefanos, welcome aboard!

Now... let's get to work!


April 21 2013

"Are you METAL?"

Watch the official trailer of the forthcoming gig at Kookoo. It's in Greek though. http://youtu.be/n56UGxR5Lmo


April 8 2013

DISHARMONY are really proud to be part of this concert, taking place at Kookoo (Athens/Gkazi) on June 9th! CONSPIRANOIA, DRYED and ONCE THEM EDENS are hell of a good bands, and we can't wait to share the stage with those guys. So, see you there https://www.facebook.com/events/147972622040485/?ref=22


March 13 2013

DISHARMONY are "in" the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Contest!

All you have to do to help us get a Top-Ten rank: Watch us, rate us, share and comment. That's all! Thanx for your support! http://www.redbullbedroomjam.gr/band/disharmony/


February 12 2013

Well, the Sweden Rock contest is over - at last!

DISHARMONY would like to thank ALL our friends and fans who gave us their everyday support, and therefore, we give you our sincere THANKS and APPRECIATION. DISHARMONY got contest position #12, and we should be truly happy about that, considering that more than 1500 bands from all over the world, applied for this contest!

Well... a huge THANK YOU!


January 2013

Vote for Disharmony and Afterblood on Sweden Rock voting contest!

Disharmony and Afterblood were among the 25 bands that made it to the second round of Sweden Rock Festival's voting contest out of more than 100 bands! Help us get on stage with some of our idols (Kiss, Rush, Candlemass, UFO, Paradise Lost etc.) by voting for the two greek bands here twice a day!


November 2012

New video for Cosmic Anarchy!

We are truly happy to present our brand-new "Cosmic Anarchy" Official Video! Many thanx to the guys of www.mixproductions.gr (Michail Mavromoustakos and Chris Tsiakiris) for the "sponsorship", vision, love, hard work and the fantastic outcome! Bravo guys! You simply RULE!

Special thanx to our actors Rena, Nikos Miras and Yiannis: your help was vital!


Well friends, enjoy the song and the video, share it with friends, spread the word.

Better tings are coming...


June 2012

New video!

Check out the new video for This Possible Lie! Special thanks to John Georgiou for the help!


May 2012

News update

Disharmony is about to sign a world-wide distribution deal for "Shades of Insanity" CD with a respected european label. We believe that October will be the month of the official release. More news is on the way...

The band is also currently seeking the chance to be part of a decent European tour billing. Whoever can help on this, is welcome to contact Disharmony through disharmonyofficial@myspace.com or disharmony.gr@gmail.com

After a respectable brainstorming crescent over the last few weeks, we are proud to announce that a respectable load of new Disharmony songs are under serious construction and shortly, on their way to the studio! Looks like the successor of "Shades of Insanity" will just be a dynamite!

That's all for now! Remember to support DISHARMONY by joining our pages, sharing the news and informing the world about a Greek band ready to bang some heads - and minds...


December 2011

Disharmony in the top-20 bands for Sweden Rock Festival so far!

Disharmony is one among the first 20 bands that will go to the next voting round for Sweden Rock Festival so far. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us. Keep up the good work until January the 9th! Go to Sweden Rock Festival voting page


December 2011

Vote for Disharmony to appear at Sweden Rock Festival

It is a great honour for us to be one of the 110 bands picked among more than 1500 bands from all over the world, to participate in the voting for a chance to appear at the legendary Sweden Rock Festival, especially being a band without contract. We would be oblidged to all the fans that can cast their vote every day until the 9th of January for Disharmony! Please share with your friends! Go to Sweden Rock Festival voting page


October 2011

Disharmony performed at Metalmorphosis Festival in Nicosia

Disharmony would like to thank everyone at Metalmorphosis Festival, Arch Enemy, Sonik Death Monkey, The Fallen Within and Psycho Choke, the bands that played with us and last but not least everyone who attended the festival. Until next time!


September 2011

Disharmony picked by Sanctuary to open for them in Athens!

Disharmony were first among 35 bands on the facebook poll and were subsequently picked by Sanctuary themselves to open for them on 25 September at Gagarin 205 in Athens. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us. See you there!

Anosis S.A. press anouncement:

"We are very pleased to announce Sanctuary's decision regarding the two bands who will open for their upcoming concerts in Greece. Following a thorough listening session, Warrel Dane and Lenny Rutledge picked Disharmony for their gig in Athens and Sorrows Path for Thessaloniki. Congratulations to both bands, as well as all other bands who entered the voting. The members of Sanctuary were impressed by the high standard of the bands and admitted that it was very hard for them to pick just one band".


August 2011

Vote for Disharmony to open for Sanctuary!

An open facebook poll has been started and Sanctuary will pick one of the first three bands to open for them in Athens and Thessaloniki. Click here and vote for DISHARMONY! Your vote is much needed and much appreciated!


July 2011

Metalmorphosis Open Air Festival postponed

Metalmorphosis Festival, with the full support of Disharmony, has been postponed till October 28th, following the tragic events in Cyprus. All 5 members of Disharmony wish to express their sympathy towards the families of the victims, as well as all Cypriots for the difficult times they are facing.


July 2011

Disharmony to perform at Hell in the City Fest

Disharmony will headline Hell in the City festival taking place at 7 Sins club in Athens on Saturday, July the 16th. We 're very happy to be playing along Sorrows Path, Wastefall and Solid Faith, all together comprising a great billing! More info on facebook.


June 2011

New video in the making!

Our first video is under development right now! The song that is going to be visualised is "Shades Of Insanity" and it's about the inner thoughts of a "massive" Greek serial killer (can't reveal his name yet ;)... Achilleas Gatsopoulos is the man behind the clip,along with Hara Kolaiti -and we give her a big THANX for it! More details to be announced soon.


April 2011

Disharmony to perform at Metalmorphosis Open Air Festival!

Disharmony will play at the Metalmorphosis Open Air Festival in Limasol, Cyprus, supporting Arch Enemy and Spiritual Beggars on July 30th! Disharmony will appear alongside the Fallen Within from Greece, as well as Frozen Winds and Under The Number from Cyprus.


April 2011

New Website Launch!

Our new website is up and running. Feel free to surf around and download files at the “Downloads” Section.


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